Durable And Long Lasting Mounting Structures

Aluminium mounting structures
“Discover the best in durable and long-lasting mounting structures for your Solar Ongrid Power Plant. Our solutions ensure your solar panel investment stands strong. Trusted by solar installers, our mounting structures guarantee the longevity of your solar panel system. Invest in quality for your ongrid power plant today.”

Aluminium mounting structures

We use Aluminum and GI structures for solar panel mounting, which lasts for at least 25 years

Mounting structures are more than just racks for panels. They form the backbone of solar power plants. They adjust the tilt of the panels to ensure maximum irradiation per unit area. The tilt determines the efficiency of a solar power plant and allows for maximum generation. Fixed tilt structures are used for panels facing south, while seasonal tilt structures are flexible and can be adjusted according to the seasonal variation of the sun.

Mounting structures play a bigger role in tracker-based plants providing a strong base for trackers to work effectively. Earlier used only for ground-mounted solar power plants, today mounting structures are deployed on rooftops, carports and other surfaces as well. Mounting structure materials have also evolved over the years to improve the quality of installations.

Types of materials

Stainless steel, aluminium and galvalume are the primary materials used in solar mounting structures in India. While steel and aluminium have been in use for a long time, galvalume is a more recent addition. The type of material used for mounting structures is dependent on the location and the life cycle of the plant. Earlier, wood and polymer were used as mounting structure materials. However, they have been replaced with more durable materials and are no longer actively used.

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