The Solar Artist

Future Concepts.

Using a combination of advanced technology and green energy, our connected solar systems can integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. We use the latest in solar power technologies, whether you have a rooftop or commercial facility, we have solutions for every type of need.

Big Ideas.

The solar revolution has been great news for the planet and its inhabitants. You can install a solar plant without excavation or construction disturbance and utilize it in many applications from power generation to space cooling to water heating and harvesting. Stay on top of your daily energy needs with these best solar ideas.

Creative Solutions.

Installation of solar panels without affecting the aesthetics, used to be a challenge, but not anymore! At Galion Watts, we believe solar power and your home should be pretty much inseparable. So that our designers strive to create high-tech features for durability, efficiency, and aesthetics. A solution that is sustainable, functional, and beautiful at the same time.


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Our Story

Galion Watts is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified Renewable Energy EPC company in Kerala, established to deliver high quality Renewable Energy Power Plants to the community.

With over 100+ installations, combined knowledge, and experience in the Energy sector we have built an entirely delighted customer base across Kerala.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leading firm for development, implementation and maintenance of renewable energy projects.

We pledge ourselves to adhere to our belief that quality will prevail over quantity.

Our Mission

To build a strong customer base by providing reliable and comprehensive Renewable Energy solutions through innovative and efficient systems



Solar Plant Designing

Solar Power Plant Designing is the first step to estimate the required capacity and layout of the Solar Plants. A wrong layout can lead to troubleshooting, installation and maintenance issues. Our team of professionals will create a 3D visualization of the entire Solar Power Plant that helps you understand the whole system

Solar Panel Installation

Once you’ve decided to go solar, the most important aspect is finding an excellent location for it. Our installation team can help you choose the right locations for optimum utilization of the sunshine. Also, the photovoltaic panels must be arranged in such a way that they’re easy to maintain and perform regular checks.

String Inverter Installation

Solar Inverter installation is the next crucial and exciting process. String inverters are used for converting DC to AC and also for disconnecting from the grid during grid faults. These inverters have to be placed optimally in order to reduce both AC as well as DC losses, which can greatly increase performance of the Solar Power Plant

Micro-Inverter Installation

Micro inverters are used in special scenarios to overcome setbacks of shading. In this case, each panel has its own inverter. Micro inverters offer more flexibility, especially when it comes to plant expansion in future.

EV Charging Stations

As electric vehicle usage is increasingly popular, it is becoming more important to provide convenient ways for charging electric vehicles at home or work. We provide a wide range of EV charging stations, and installation and support services.

Maintenance and Service

Get reliable, efficient solar power plant service at the right price. From optimizing your power plants to installing new solar panels, our skilled technicians ensure that your solar power system operates smoothly and continues to pay for itself.


WHAT We Have Done


What They Say
Luka Joseph
    Luka Joseph

    Lukas Fish Hub

    Our fish hub uses air pumps and freezers for fish cultivation a as well as for fish storage. Galion Watts Solar off grid system has been very helpful especially during long power outages.

    Dr. Roshni Sunil
      Dr. Roshni Sunil

      Aditya Dental Clinic

      Its been four years since we installed the solar plant, Galion Watts have taken good care for scheduling timely PMS and attending the services quickly as possible.

      Soly Soni
        Soly Soni

        Interior Consultant

        Our energy bills were in the range of ten to twenty thousand before installing the solar plant. And now after Ongrid Solar plant installations its nearly Zero! Thanks To GALION WATTS !

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