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How to Apply for Anert Kerala Solar Subsidy 2023?




Anert kerala is providing Anert Solar Subsidy 2023. The solar revolution is the next major revolution that will alter India for the better. With the greatest rate of solar panel installation in the world, India is on the verge of a revolution. Solar energy can offer us with a clean energy source. Solar energy, as opposed to traditional ways of creating power that rely on non-renewable sources such as coal or petrol, is green energy that may significantly reduce pollution in India.

Many governments have begun to offer incentives to encourage homeowners to make the move. Kerala is no exception. Kerala plans to install solar panels on every house to transform it into a power station. ANERT (Agency for New and Renewable Energy Research and Technology) Solar Kerala offers appealing incentives and subsidies.

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What Are the Advantages of a Solar Panel Subsidy?


Using solar subsidy Kerala,  granted by the Government of India, provides a number of advantages. Here are a few examples:

Installing a solar system necessitates a significant financial investment. In such cases, solar subsidies give financial assistance and relieve you of the load.

The amount granted by the government varies based on the kW of electricity generated by the solar system. For example, the solar panel subsidy is 40% of the total cost for up to 3kW, and 20% for 4kW to 10kW. You select the subsidy based on your needs.

Utilize the subsidies to build your rooftop solar system. An extra incentive of Rs.1 per unit is available on the total solar power that you generate on the electricity bills annually. Use only Anert Empanneleed Solar panels to know more – Anert solar panel price in Kerala.

Why does the Indian government provide solar subsidies?

With its ever-increasing electricity consumption, India is seeking for a sustainable source of energy. Solar energy comes to mind as a cost-effective and ecologically beneficial source of electricity. Because India receives an abundance of solar energy throughout the year, this approach is the best and most convenient.

Solar systems, on the other hand, are required to utilise solar energy. Solar panel subsidies are also required to match the prices and expenses of installing solar systems. To satisfy these financial criteria, the government provides different solar panel subsidies to assist you control your expenditures and put up a rooftop solar system inexpensively.

Here’s why the Indian government is doing so:

For starters, solar energy is a sustainable and clean form of energy that lowers reliance on nonrenewable natural resources such as coal and other fuels. It is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable form of energy that does not contribute to pollution.

Aside from that, giving incentives will encourage homeowners to install solar panels on their roofs. This will assist individuals in generating self-energy and will have a good impact on the environment.

Making the home sector energy self-sufficient can help save a lot of energy. The commercial and industrial sectors use a lot of power every day. As a result, by redirecting the power saved in the home sector to the business sector