solar installation company in Kerala galion watts Mission and vision

Our Story

   Galion Watts, an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified solar installation company in Kerala, is established by three enthusiastic engineers in order to deliver high quality Renewable Energy Power Plants to the community. With over 100+ installations, combined knowledge and experience we have fully satisfied customer base across Kerala.. Our engineers have been installing solar power plant for years, with experience in both the residential and commercial sectors.. During these years Galion Watts has acquired the knowledge and experience to provide proactive risk management and engineering solutions for the installation of solar and wind energy systems. 

Building on our experience in the power sector, we have developed smarter solutions to tackle the challenges created by the increasing power demands, by installation of solar and wind energy systems.

As a leading solar installation company in Kerala , we ensure sustainability plays a key role in all our business activities and that we install solar plant at best price in india. We take great care to use ecological, economic and social resources responsibly.

To know more about installation of solar and wind energy systems and to install solar plant at home reach us and be a part of creating a sustainable, greener and cleaner world.