MNRE Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme In Kerala 2022

MNRE Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme In Kerala 2022

Central Government and MNRE  are planning for a New Subsidy Scheme for Solar Plant to be implemented In Kerala by June 2022.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has announced that residential consumers could install rooftop solar systems through vendors of their choice. They can inform the distribution company (DISCOM) about the installation along with a photograph of the installed system.

Households do not have to go with listed vendors by DISCOMs to install the rooftop solar systems. Residential consumers can inform the DISCOMs of the rooftop solar installation either through a letter or application or on the designated website provided by DISCOMs and the Government of India for the rooftop solar program.

DISCOMs will need to provide net metering to residential consumers within 15 days of receiving the information. The Government of India’s subsidy, which is 40% for rooftop capacity up to 3 kW and 20% beyond that up to 10 kW, will be credited into consumers’ accounts within 30 days of installation.

According to the MINISTRY OF NEW AND RENEWABLE ENERGY, the portal for MNRE Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme will be launched soon. Subsidies through Anert will be available through the portal.MNRE subsidy scheme in kerala


“As part of the Paris Climate Agreement, India has committed to installing forty percent of
its electricity generation capacity from non-fossil fuels by 2030. For achieving this
goal, India has set an ambitious target of setting up 1,75,000 MW of renewable
energy capacity, including 1,00,000 MW of solar power, by 2022. Further, a target
of 4,50,000 MW installed RE capacity by 2030 has also been fixed.”








Solar subsidy Amounts in Kerala

MNRE Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme In Kerala 2022, Subsidy Amounts To be directly transferred to the Beneficiaries

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